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Glad you joined in the fun, the intensive writing and the pain of stretching yourself to write with abandon? I’m with you. I’m finding the writing a challenge some days but it’s provided an interesting look at myself as a writer. I’ve finished my 50,000 words and am going on to try to finish as much of the story as possible by the last day of November. It will probably end up as a 65,000 word rough draft. As a sidelight, many writers I know are writing more this month than they’d planned. They have not undertaken NaNoWriMo, but they...

Ideas for Writing Comparisons and Contrasts 0

Ideas for Writing Comparisons and Contrasts

I like to use a Venn diagram to lay out my ideas before I write a compare-contrast piece. Place the opposing topic. one on either side, the outer spaces of the circles. Place the way they are alike in the area where the two circles intersect.   Here’s as example of how to setup the Venn diagram: Before or During Sunrise  VS  During or After Sunset   Other general topics to get you thinking. Add detail words to limit the topic [largest (animals)] – [smallest (animals)]   largest-smallest                most treasured-least appreciated              summer-winter   easy-difficult                   heroic-senseless                                        bright-dark...