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End-of-the-Year Quotes to Ponder 0

End-of-the-Year Quotes to Ponder

I love quoting quotes! Here are a few I found recently. Enjoy! What had once been love had eroded, the edges worn away until it was like a small,smooth stone she carried in her pocket and ran her fingers over once in a while.                              The Miracle Baby by Janice Kay Johnson She read somewhere that first love never truly disappears, that it’s always there, under the surface, lingering there, waiting like dry tinder that only needs the touch of a match, a spark, to ignite.                              Wicked Game by Lisa Jackson and Nancy Bush Experience is less likely to...

NaNo Update #2 0

NaNo Update #2

The month of November’s ‘writing with abandon’ is over. Our local events attracted interested attendees, some being the same people participating in multiple events. Comments I heard over the month: “Even thought I didn’t do NaNo I got in the spirit and wrote more than I usually do.” “I didn’t get going until the middle of the month, but then I felt inspired so I wrote over 50,000 words, That means I won NaNo’s challenge.” “I started but life got in the way so I stopped, but I plan to finish my story at a later time.” For me ….....