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The Value of Book Clubs 0

The Value of Book Clubs

Why Join a Book Club?? You may:             talk about books.                          read books you might never have read.                                     enjoy food snacks and beverages                                                   time to socialize                                                 receive emotional support and decrease stress.             have reading deadlines (great excuse to read instead of washing the dishes!)                         learn other readers’ perspectives.                                     become part of literary debates.                                                 share your favorite book as your choice to be read.

Compare and Contrast Words 0

Compare and Contrast Words

Using compare/contrast can amp up your writing. Here’s lists of words to use when you want to express: COMPARE                            CONTRAST                           BOTH in 1 work: alike                                         different                                  by the same token both                                         differ                                       conversely same                                        unalike                                     rather similar                                      not alike                                  but likeness                                    difference                                likewise           in common                              on the other hand                    similarly                                   however          in comparison  to                     although as well as                                 in contrast to in a like manner                       while also                                          despite comparatively                          nevertheless in the same way                      still another most important                        although                                                 compared with                                                                                                instead                                                 less than                                                 more than                                                 otherwise                                                 rather than                                                 unlike                                                 yet