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4 Ways to Create Great Settings 0

4 Ways to Create Great Settings

Every story is unique, and, as the creator of that setting, you are in charge for making it come alive with setting details.  That includes the where, the time of day/week/year/century, the sensory images, the buildings or location, the season and much more to help the reader step into the emotions associated with writing. Not always as easy task, but an important one. Consider these points as you work on setting: Choose relevant impressions rather than making blanket statements. Weave them into the story early on without making an opening paragraph filled with generic setting details. Look through books you...

EPIC Writing Contest Invitation 0

EPIC Writing Contest Invitation

There is still time to enter the EPIC (Every Person Is Creative) Writing Contest. The contest is open until April 9th. Students age 12 through adults living in Washington state who write poetry or prose are invited to submit. No subject matter limitations beyond the fact that it must be suitable for family listening. Prizes awarded at contest celebration in May, 2020. Find up-to-date contest information and submission details at: