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Tasman Game – A Prisoner’s Fate 0

Tasman Game – A Prisoner’s Fate

I love to create games. I made dozens when I taught school and I continue to make math games for my Educating America blog and as free online teacher resources (links here). Since Tasman is a different kind of story, I decided to create a game to use with guests at my book events. It’s easy. Roll a die. Even numbers select from one set of cards; odd numbers select from another. Some make a quick journey through London and maybe the court system of 1850; others will make the long journey from London to Port Arthur and learn their...

Tasman Event and Contact Reminder 0

Tasman Event and Contact Reminder

I’m beginning my local book events for Tasman this month. Here’s my list so far: ** Edmonds Bookshop, Thursday, March 15 from drop-in between 5-8 PM http://www.edmondsbookshop.com ** Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park, Thursday, May 10 from 7-8 PM ** University Book Store in Towne Center, Friday, May 18 from 6-7 Also: If you have a book club or organization that would like me to speak, please do not hesitate to contact me (425-420-5161). I enjoy talking about writing, my books, and my upcoming projects. I can meet with local groups in person and with others via Skype....