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Replenishment 3


Writing books is a solitary activity. It’s easy to get ‘in the groove’ and become a hermit. That’s why it’s important to step away from work often and return to life in the real world. I have several ways to replenish myself; many are related to writing but a few take me to distinct alternatives. 1. I read books from a variety of genres, discuss them with my book club and friends and write down sentences or paragraphs that stop me and request I consider their images/sentence structure/loveliness. 2. I visit with fellow writers. I know, that like a bus...

Day 2 of 84: Collapse and Comparison 0

Day 2 of 84: Collapse and Comparison

I didn’t realize how much I’d been doing lately until I took off the day to put my event materials away, find homes for the extra snacks and contact the winners of the drawings. I allowed myself two hours of quiet before I headed out to watch the two Edmonds-Woodway High School chefs that helped me during the Edmonds event perform in their school’s dance team. I was beat from my events but there the two young women were, dancing a number of strenuous routines with so much energy it vibrated of the walls of the gym! Ah, envy for...