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Passage to Paris: In Lynne’s Footsteps 1

Passage to Paris: In Lynne’s Footsteps

Three chapters in Paddy Eger’s Letters to Follow, as Lynne sailed to Paris on the SS United States, took me back to when I “officially” became an expatriate, a state that was to last half my life. I began, a few years after Lynne, on the great ship that was built in 1952 and sailed until 1969. Although there were plans to return her to oceangoing service, those were scrapped in late summer 2016. For the good memories, though, you can get Hull IPA in cans with a beautiful photo of the ship, released in late February 2017. As Lynne...

Let Me Introduce Denise Frisino 0

Let Me Introduce Denise Frisino

Denise Frisino is a multi-talented woman. I met her in an evening class she taught at the University of Washington on building characters in stories. Her ideas were magical and made a huge difference in how I saw my characters’ movement. Denise Frisino spent her summers playing and working in the numerous islands that define the Pacific Northwest, where her family spans four generations. Denise is a Seattle native who at age five began her lifelong devotion to performing and the arts. Both on stage and in film, she has been involved as an actress, writer, director, and producer. After graduating...

GUEST POST from Mindy Halleck 2

GUEST POST from Mindy Halleck

  (Since I made a boo-boo with the links, I’m resending this guest blog. Apologizes for my brain lapse. Enjoy Mindy refreshed!) Mindy is an enthusiastic, creative person who writes across a variety of genres! Today I have the opportunity to share her thoughts with you. I know you will enjoy her ideas. I hope you will become an online follower as well as a reader of her work. PEger Do You Want To a Better Writer? Read Poetry ~ by Mindy Halleck My husband woke up this morning to the sound of my crying. He turned over and saw...