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Fiction Books with Great Descriptions 2

Fiction Books with Great Descriptions

I’m a sucker for a great description. I love the visuals they create for me as well as the way they bring our other senses into play: sound, touch, smell and taste. Check out these novel excerpts. They inspire me when I write my stories. Let me know if you agree. The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd It was the time of year when migrating crows wheeled across the sky, thunderous flocks that moved like a single veil. (kindle location:  1910 of 5663) The Secret River by Kate Grenville Morning and evening the Government chain gangs clanked and...

Spring Changes Everything 0

Spring Changes Everything

There is something in the air. It’s spring. Sure we still have rain and storms, but the world feels different in spring. Maybe it’s the flowers pushing up or the leaf buds showing color. It might be the grass looking green and shaggy or the sky a deeper blue. Whatever it is, it inspires me to get outside, to feel a change in the crispness, to investigate the neighborhood, to inhale the changes around me. Regardless of the drizzle,  I know spring will affect a change in my writing. Change is good. Give yourself a pat-on-the-back as you use those...

Evoking Emotion 0

Evoking Emotion

Writer’s Digest online has tons of advice worth repeating. David Morrell, addressed evoking emotion. “Talking about emotions won’t compel a reader to feel them…the reader must be made to feel the situations in the story, to experience what the character experiences; as a result, just as sequence creates emotion in characters, it will so the same in the reader.” “Writers can achieve this effect if they take the sense of sight for granted and emphasize the other senses, thus crafting multi-dimensional descriptions and scenes…In this way, the reader becomes immersed in the story, feeling it rather than being told about...