Evoking Emotion 0

Evoking Emotion

Writer’s Digest online has tons of advice worth repeating. David Morrell, addressed evoking emotion. “Talking about emotions won’t compel a reader to feel them…the reader must be made to feel the situations in the story, to experience what the character experiences; as a result, just as sequence creates emotion in characters, it will so the same in the reader.” “Writers can achieve this effect if they take the sense of sight for granted and emphasize the other senses, thus crafting multi-dimensional descriptions and scenes…In this way, the reader becomes immersed in the story, feeling it rather than being told about...

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Quotes 2

Famous and everyday people have had a lot to say about writing: “What is written without effort is read without pleasure.” Samuel Johnson “Whenever we listen to someone’s story or read their words, a filament of connection is forged.” Lynn Lauber “(To be a writer) you have to have a split personality and be slightly nuts.” Bob Mayer “She drew his words, like polished stones, out of the secret satin drawstring bag of her memory, and with them the image of his face.” LaVyrle Spencer “Real life was as layered with illusion as any piece of fiction.” Dean Koontz “The...

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Hello writers!

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