Letters to Follow: A Dancer’s Adventure


Lynne struggles to find her place in the world of professional ballet while her own world is turning upside down.

Lynne Meadows has a chip on her shoulder. Her two best friends are gone, leaving her alone in the ballet company where she’s becoming a thorn in the directors’ lives. An accident and a string of sabotages disrupt the career she’s always wanted. Now she wonders how long she’ll be welcome in the company.

Damien Black, the artistic director, selects her to represent her fellow dancers on an injury committee. If that goes well and her attitude improves, he and Madame Cosper, the company director, promise to recommend her to a summer dance troupe performing across France; but there’s no promise of a dance contract once she returns.
The cost of the trip is prohibitive until her Uncle Leo offers to pay for her ship’s passage and give her the car he’ll buy while there if she agrees to drive him around Europe after she finishes performing. Lynne eagerly agrees to the arrangement despite her nagging concern about Leo’s legendary lack of dependability.

As the ballet season ends, she works feverishly with Damien to prepare choreography for the trip. In addition, her aunt sells the property where Lynne’s lived for two years, so she must pack up and store her possessions until she returns and finds a new home. During this time she meets Noel Elijah, a rancher who captivates her interest. But she’s leaving for France, so their budding romance is put on hold.

Once in France Lynne enjoys visiting the sites of Paris and the towns where they perform. She also enjoys an unexpected visitor’s arrival before facing a string of setbacks. Thanks to her new friends in the troupe and Cheryl, the troupe director, she renews her love of dance and wants to resurrect her career.

As the tour ends, Lynne begins her time with Uncle Leo. Their time together is filled with surprises, but Lynne honors her commitment. When misfortune and disappointments set in, she remains determined to meet every challenge.

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2 reviews for Letters to Follow: A Dancer’s Adventure

  1. Letters to Follow

    Within minutes of entering the world of Lynne Meadows, a ballerina on her way to a summer in Europe, the reader is swept into the magic of performance in an exposé that rings of authenticity and charm.
    Stunning design, revealing prose, Eger once again pairs her talents with Tendril Press to merge the best of book design and unexpected drama to show off the gold standard of small press publishing.
    —Emily Hill, author of The Ghost Chaser’s Daughter, Jenkins, and columnist for My Edmonds News

  2. Letters to Follow

    Paddy Eger has added another well crafted and enjoyable novel Letters to Follow as the third in her ballet series. She gives her readers not only hours of enjoyment with believable characters but insights into the world of professional ballet. Lynne Meadows is one of the three young friends in both of the previous novels but in Letters to Follow she has her own story of dreams and struggles. Life does not come easy for her as she works to overcome her mistakes and become a soloist in her dance troupe in Montana. Letters to Follow is an entertaining novel for all ages but especially girls who are becoming young women and need fine characters to help guide their way.
    —Lauraine Snelling, author of The Red River of the North historical family sagas, better known as the Ingeborg or Blessing books, along with other historical series and contemporary womens’ fiction. The Second Half is her latest work.

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