The Fading Art of Letter Writing

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  1. Behind the Story says:

    The other advantage of letter writing is the record those letters leave for future generations. My dad wrote letters to my mom during WWII. In one of the letters he writes about how excited he was to hear of my birth. Here’s a link to the blog in which I quote from some of those letters:

  2. Tom Fortin says:

    When I read the title of this offering, I was reminded that I need to do this more and spend time trolling on fb less. Hard to break that old fb habit, though. And I’d be less than honest if I didn’t admit that I’ve grown lazy–though lax is a word I’d prefer, with a less negative edge–in the “writing actual letters and notes” department. Don’t even compose many long(er) e-mails any more. The less I do (during these wonderful retiree years), the less I want to do. Bad (lazy, nonproductive) habits take over–sort of like the moss in my lawn. Doesn’t seem serious, until/unless I look closely at my life/lawn. Creeping detachment I guess you could call it. And I want to stay connected, in fact become MORE connected as life’s river flows ever more swiftly past. SO: thanks for the reminder, good actively-writing friend. I’ll work (and think and write) harder to use all those note cards and post cards and self-made envelopes that are weighing down my briefcase…Tom

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