Ballet Chapter and Book Events

February is my official publication month so read on!!

FREE chapter

Here’s a free, unpublished chapter from Letters to Follow—A Dancer’s Adventure, the last book in my dancer’s stories. Enjoy!

Download your copy of the unpublished chapter—click here!

You’re Invited! 

Edmonds Bookshop on Thursday, February 16th

You are cordially invited to attend my book event in Edmonds, WA on Thursday, Feb. 16th  as a drop-in guest between 5 and 8 pm. If you are too far away or unable to attend, you may call and order a book from the shop. I’ll cover the cost of mailing (inside the U.S. A.) and include a set of 8 notecards as well. Feel free to order any or all of my three ballet-themed books: 84 Ribbons, When the Music Stops—Dance On and Letters to Follow—A Dancer’s Adventure.

Third Place Books on Thursday, March 9th

Join me at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park, WA for my book event.  We’ll begin our Thusrday evening at 7 pm and spend a little time with the characters across the entire series as well as read a bit from Letters to Follow—A Dancer’s Adventure, the final book in the ballet-themed trilogy.

Since these are a celebration of completing the trilogy, you can expect a few surprises as well.  I’m looking forward to seeing you/sending you my books.






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