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Writing Directions – What’s Next?? 0

Writing Directions – What’s Next??

Lately writing has been like a slowly circling wind of uncertainty. Maybe it’s because of my spending 15 years glued to my computer chair writing stories, blogs and math games or maybe it’s because the burning stories have been shared and I’m looking for new writing adventures. I’m not feeling nearly as intense about writing as I did over the past two decades. So what’s next for me and writing? I’ve already finished my brief memoir (Small Town Girl). I’ve evaluated my 100+ poems and found those worth saving that I plan to enter into gifted journal books over the...

Writing as an Everyday Activity 0

Writing as an Everyday Activity

I write every day. Mostly it’s on pages for my upcoming book. Sometimes it’s for one of my 3 blogs (Educating America, Goodreads and this one about Writing). I also find myself spending time writing classroom newsletters, math games and book publicity. I enjoy the variety of writing activities and sometimes I find myself switching from one type of writing to another when my brain needs a chance to rethink or sift through an idea before I make a final decision. I’ve tried to step away from writing some days, but I get edgy and need to work with words...

Inspiration from Others 0

Inspiration from Others

“(My diary) became a friend, the paper that it was made of was ready and willing to accept anything and everything I had to say; it could handle my fear, my questions, my sadness. I discovered the beauty of writing – when one can pour oneself onto a great white emptiness and fill it with emotions and thoughts and leave them forever.”  written by Zlata Filipovic and shared in Freedom Writers Diary by Erin Gruwell) Passion for writing oozes from Zlata’s words. There are days I agree; when I can’t get words out fast enough. More often, however, my words...