The ABC’s of Student Writing Topics 0

The ABC’s of Student Writing Topics

Somewetimes students need a bit of inspiration to find a writing topic that interests them. Creating a potential list of topics for students is as simple as ABC: Feel free to add to or alter the list to match your needs. It’s always fun to play with words and topics to keep writing time fresh.

Lakewood Film, Arts & Books Festival 0

Lakewood Film, Arts & Books Festival

Please join me at FAB: the 6th Annual Lakewood Film Art and Book Fest held at Clover Park Technical College the weekend of September 28-30. Book sales, free resources, and signings are available from 12-6 PM each day of the event.

Interview with Edmonds Bookshop Owner, Mary Kay 1

Interview with Edmonds Bookshop Owner, Mary Kay

Dear blog followers: I’m reissuing this blog after my writing friends noticed that my brain and my editing of the blog was really off kilter. My apologies to Mary Kay for misspelling her last name. She has my complete appreciation for all that she does and I apologize again for my errors. For book lovers everywhere who cringed at my book title typos I can say there are some days I should stay in bed and not touch a computer!! Celebrating Books with Mary Kay-Edmonds Bookshop Following a successful Where’s Waldo event in downtown Edmonds, it seemed like a great...

Refugee Book List 1

Refugee Book List

When I was leaving my recent interview with Mary Kay at the Edmonds Bookshop I stopped to survey the front window. Michelle Bear, assistant manager of the bookshop, had arranged a display of books on refugees from around the world. I hurried back inside and asked her if that list would appear on the Edmonds Bookshop website Michelle assured me it could. Two days later she sent me the entire list which I have permission to reprint for your perusal. Thanks, Michelle! the display invited me to read outside my usual genres and was a timely topic. I hope...

Fun Writing Tools 0

Fun Writing Tools

I love to window shop for writing tools, booklets, folders, pens, etc. This is the best time of year since the major stores have big back-to-school sales that will be ending soon. Even if you don’t have students who need materials, I suggest you think of these ‘new’ tools as a way to encourage your entire family to write. Plan ahead. Use the sales to buy birthday or holidays writing tools now and tuck them away for later. Here are a few of the ‘new’ colorful items I’ve seen for 2018. * folders with current movie scenes as covers *...

Blackout Poetry – A Creative Look at a Written Page 0

Blackout Poetry – A Creative Look at a Written Page

All poetry is NOT created equal. Blackout poetry is a modern take on free verse. It requires you to find a newspaper article to enlarge or a page from a printed book that you slice free to use its words in a new way. Below are basic directions and two samples. Look for motivation on Pinterest, then dive in. It’s a challenge as well as a fun activity. Instructions for Blackout Poetry** Scan article or page for anchor words – words that jump out at you or words you know you would like to use in your poem Underline the...

The Great American Read 1

The Great American Read

I hope you are participating in the PBS balloting for America’s favorite books. It’s free! They have assembled 100 popular books from across the world of literature for you to think about and vote for your favorites. In Mid-October they will announce the book with the single most votes. The range of books is immense: Pilgrim’s Progress to 50 Shades of Gray; from Charlotte’s Web to Catch 22. You are encouraged to vote for as many books as you wish every day until the event ends. I’ve followed it since a PBS program introduced each book in June. That program...

Quotes Worth a Look 0

Quotes Worth a Look

When I read, I often find author’s have exquisite sentences. I save them in a special notebook. Here are a few I’ve sincerely appreciated. She maneuvered through the cranky traffic…tempers caught fire as easily as backyards. Kristin Hannah in Magic Hour Perhaps there is a secret homing instinct in books that brings them to their perfect readers. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society  bby Mary Ann Shaffer & Anne Barrows As they crossed the street, the moon, at half-phase, spread creamy light over the world, trannsforming the sidewalk to pale ribbons and putting thick shadows beneath the trees… LaVyrle...

Unpublished Snippets from 84 Ribbons – The Pouch of Stones 0

Unpublished Snippets from 84 Ribbons – The Pouch of Stones

When I cleaned out my files, I found several unused story ideas from 84 Ribbons, book one in my ballet trilogy. Here’s one more offering.  The Pouch of Stones Walks by the bay at the end of our long street were always a chance for my dad and me to connect. We’d talk about school, my dancing, his day, our up-coming vacation plans or whatever a young child and her dad had to share. But that ended abruptly when my dad died suddenly from a fall where he worked in the shipyard. After that, the bay became a gray place...

Writing Activities with Kids 1

Writing Activities with Kids

Keep writing activities in front of the kids in your lives to reinforce the skills over the summer break just the same as you do with reading and math. These three skills cross subject matter regardless of the grade they are stepping into in the fall. Here are a few fun, imaginative ideas to pout into your bag of tricks. Design a cereal box complete with cover art, list of ingredients, a game or activity section and a recipe that includes the invented cereal. Provide a journal (any size that will interest ‘your student’). Add a fancy pen and send...