Day 77 of 84 Days of 84 Ribbons: Life after Dance

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2 Responses

  1. My first career was very short-lived. I was an elementary school teacher. I took a little time off to have children, but then, when I was about ready to go back to work, we moved to the Philippines. For a long time I stayed involved in teaching. I was president of the Makati International School. Then I was on the school board of the Manila International School. Later, I was the assistant to the superintendent.

    Finally I realized I wasn’t going to go back to teaching. It took quite a few years to find my second career: fiction writing. Twice a year I traveled from the South Pacific where we lived at the time to Vermont for the residencies required to earn an MFA in Creative Writing. And now at last it’s paying off. My historical novel, TIGER TAIL SOUP has just been published. You can find it on Amazon:

  2. Paddy Eger says:

    You’ve had such an amazingly wide variety of life experiences! You’ll be able to write across so many interests. Best of luck with Tiger Tail Soup.