Monthly Archive: December 2014

Resolutions for 2015 2

Resolutions for 2015

Be it resolved, I will strive to: 1. Write honestly to entertain my readers as well as myself. 2. Read lots of good and great authors to hone my craft. (Ok, maybe a few just for fun books as well!) 3. Share blog ideas that interest me in hopes it will interest my readers. 4. Take critiques and criticism as they are intended: to improve my writing. 5. Remember to take time for visiting with and sharing cups of teas with my friends. 6. Review books I read so those authors receive sought-after feedback. 7. Volunteer in classrooms. 8. Never give up...

Write On! 3

Write On!

Starting a new book, (book 3 in my series) I’m beginning to get into the rhythm of organizing myself. I know, it took me a long time, but I’ve hit upon a system that works so I’m feeling jazzed! Oh, it’s nothing special, but it works for me. Without it I’m a scattering of note cards, post-its, scraps of paper and articles. I can spin and spin going through my scatter so you can understand why I love my new, old-fashioned planning, a notebook with dividers, collected info, maps, character sketches, plat ideas and blank paper for moments I get...

Catching Up 1

Catching Up

The past six weeks have been a flurry of both activity and inactivity. The active part included a trip to Austin, Texas for a visit with a writer-friend and a book event in Wimberly. Both were fun and gave me a chance to connect with other writers and with readers. I appreciate their support as I move forward with another active item: book two in my ballet trilogy: When the Music Stops: Dance On. It feels good to be able to say I’m turning the second book over the publisher for layout, which is the step just before printing. You...