Quotes to Ponder 0

Quotes to Ponder

Kristin Hannah’s book, Angel Falls, provides us with a lot to think about: p.111 He’d never thought much about silence, but now he knew its every shape and contour. It was a cheap glass jar that trapped old voices and kept them fresh. p.149 The measure of a man comes down to moments spread out like dots of paint on the canvas of life. p.331 The falling apart of a man’s life should make noise. p.375 Love wasn’t a great burning brush fire that swept across your soul and charred you…it was everyday moments laid out like bricks, one atop...

What Have Y-O-U Learned This Week? 1

What Have Y-O-U Learned This Week?

I’ve learned that: Writing is a much more complex process than readers imagine and often don’t want to know about. Every scene has innumerable plot,dialogue, setting possibilities. I love the parts of the process where I create stories, edit and talk with other writers better than what follows. I thrive on talking with other writers, sharing ideas and becoming inspired by their spirit. The more I write, the more I expect from writers who are published; old favorites dim by current standards. I might take a day off here and there, but I can’t not write! Let’s compare notes. Send...

Mirror, Mirror: A Writing Exercise 0

Mirror, Mirror: A Writing Exercise

Think about this idea. 1. Stand in front of a mirror and pretend to be your POV character. 2. What do you see looking back through the mirror?  Describe it aloud. 3. Imagine a second character standing behind you (POV character). Share aloud what the new character thinks about the POV character. 4. How do your mirror images vary in what they see? Does your writing expose those differences? 5. Work through each of your major characters. Bottom line: you must know your major characters so very well that you can climb inside their heads. There is a richness that...

Are You on Pitch? 0

Are You on Pitch?

Writing a pitch for a story or book is a tricky thing: it’s short, it needs to interest the prospective reader and it needs to express the essence of the story without giving away the storyline. It’s short. Write the pitch for your current project. Can you do it in 100 words? 50 words? 25 words? or like an elevator pitch’s 4-seconds? It’s interesting. Could what you write become the grabber listed on the back cover? Your choice of nouns and verbs is critical. It’s an overview. The pitch needs to hint at setting, main character and the story problem....

Evoking Emotion 0

Evoking Emotion

Writer’s Digest online has tons of advice worth repeating. David Morrell, addressed evoking emotion. “Talking about emotions won’t compel a reader to feel them…the reader must be made to feel the situations in the story, to experience what the character experiences; as a result, just as sequence creates emotion in characters, it will so the same in the reader.” “Writers can achieve this effect if they take the sense of sight for granted and emphasize the other senses, thus crafting multi-dimensional descriptions and scenes…In this way, the reader becomes immersed in the story, feeling it rather than being told about...

Quotes 2 0

Quotes 2

Famous and everyday people have had a lot to say about writing: “What is written without effort is read without pleasure.” Samuel Johnson “Whenever we listen to someone’s story or read their words, a filament of connection is forged.” Lynn Lauber “(To be a writer) you have to have a split personality and be slightly nuts.” Bob Mayer “She drew his words, like polished stones, out of the secret satin drawstring bag of her memory, and with them the image of his face.” LaVyrle Spencer “Real life was as layered with illusion as any piece of fiction.” Dean Koontz “The...

Hello writers! 0

Hello writers!

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