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New Year Resolution Suggestions 0

New Year Resolution Suggestions

Resolve to set aside time for yourself to relax and reenergize. Resolve to stay in face-to-face or written contact with the people who are important in your life. Resolve to spend time reading aloud with others. It’s a special joy. Resolve to spend time writing a journal, diary, short story, poem, novel or handwrite letters to friends. Resolve to end each day with an uplifting thought or verse to assure a pleasant night’s sleep. Wishing you a healthy, happy 2017!

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Resolution: a resolve, a declaration, a decision to make a change. Authors make resolutions every day as they develop and write their character’s lives. True, they are not usually to lose weight or read a certain number of books; they revolve around day-to-day decisions with the intent of moving their stories forward. Will Marta recover from her injury? Will Steve get a job? Will Lynne keep her position with the Intermountain Ballet Company? Will Madame ever explain to Marta or Lynne why she was hard on them? Those are the fun elements in stories that need to be shared before...

Resolutions for 2015 2

Resolutions for 2015

Be it resolved, I will strive to: 1. Write honestly to entertain my readers as well as myself. 2. Read lots of good and great authors to hone my craft. (Ok, maybe a few just for fun books as well!) 3. Share blog ideas that interest me in hopes it will interest my readers. 4. Take critiques and criticism as they are intended: to improve my writing. 5. Remember to take time for visiting with and sharing cups of teas with my friends. 6. Review books I read so those authors receive sought-after feedback. 7. Volunteer in classrooms. 8. Never give up...