Thinking-Questioning Ideas For Spare Minutes

By | November 17, 2015

When spare minutes arise during a task, this type of activity fits in easily. It requires no paper, pencil, pen or book. All you need is creative thinking.

Ask one question.  Use wait time to encourage better answers. Start a discussion. Examples:

1. A. Which is the most interesting animal and why do you think that:  a tiger, a bear, a bird, a moth or a whale?

1. B. Which two pets would be the best combination in a home and why do you think that: a cat, a bird, a dog, a fish, a turtle, a hermit crab?

2. Which is the best mover in water why do you think that: a fish, a turtle, a rowboat, a jet, a cruise ship or a sailboat?

3. Which is the brightest and why do you think that: a lamp, a penny, the moon, the sun?

If you wish to add in more discussions and comparisons, select items that relate more closely that provide chances to share opinions, check  facts and/or analyze data.

OTHER TOPIC SUGGESTIONS: the longest, the closest, the more colorful, the most popular… you get the idea. Enjoy!