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Family Fun Math Games

Looking for family games to take along on vacations or family trips? Consider making a small games box. One of those plastic tool boxes the kids use for school works great. Here’s a list of items to include: 2 decks of cards with contrasting back designs (so if you interminglee them, you can easily separate… Read More »

Student Success: Math Games to the Rescue

Games are a great way to practice all kinds of skills. You can find professionally boxed games  at toy stores or just pull out a deck of cards and get creative. Here are the 3 other math game resources I find easiest to use with the most direct value. My website math games. I’ve created… Read More »

Metacognition and Math

The four parts remain the same across learning math concepts: Plan and Organize skim and preview tasks breakdown the parts decide how to proceed Self-Monitor check your progress troubleshoot problems ask for help when truly ‘stuck’ Self Reflect assess our strategies Think-Pair-Share-Compare with others Direct Our Own Learning know what we know know what we… Read More »

Free Elementary Math Games

Teachers…Looking for a break from testing stress and your usual math games? Parents…looking for math activities for the summer break? I suggest you investigate my website downloads for a list of more than 20 easy-to-play, mathematically-sound games. I’ve created individual and partner games that kids may play in 5-15 minute time slots. Each requires readily… Read More »

Parent Guide to Student Success ( by the end of Grade 3)

Lots happens between kindergarten and third grade: students learn to read and write, develop basic math skills and become independent learners. So, what do these look like?? Here are a few details to look at when deciding if a child is ‘at grade level’. Of course, we all learn at different pacesm, but these are… Read More »