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Brain-based Learning Tip#3 – Importance of Feedback

I recently read an article on, the George Lucas Educational Foundation site, about Brain-based Learning. What follows are some of their thoughts and tips with my two cents added in. Tip #3 All ages of students need positive and constructive feedback rather than praise that says. “That’s nice. I like it.”  It’s important to… Read More »

Using Volunteers

Now’s the Time! Volunteer in A School       Volunteering is easy as making phone call to a local school. You’ll find your local schools listed in the front of your lovcal phone directory. What can you volunteer to do? Gather supplies for a busy teacher. Help in the school library. Help by reading with students… Read More »

Extra Post: Thank You to Volunteers

This is Volunteer Week across America. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank every volunteer for their time and commitment to helping others. Each task you do whether it’s a school crossing guard, Meals on Wheels driver, working in food banks, reading to shut-ins, driving a bus for the elderly or for delivering homeless… Read More »