Monthly Archives: April 2012

5 Key Expectations for Small Groups

K.I.S.S.- Keep It Simple for Students. When in doubt, simplify your expectations/rules and post them as a daily reminder to all: students, classroom assistants and even guests. These 5 cover the basics. 1. Come calmly to the group. 2. Listen. 3. Participate. 4. Strive for quality work. 5. Help with clean-up and closure  before leaving… Read More »

Developing Independence

That’s what it’s all about, independence. As parents, educators and classroom assistants, our goal is to develop independent students. How do we do that? 1. Provide basic skills in language, math, science and other academic subjects. 2. Model positive learning skills: reading directions, making a plan, rethinking ideas. 3. Compliment student steps toward independence. Increase… Read More »

When Kids Finish Work Early

No matter how well you plan, some students will finish early. It may happen because they skim through a task or because they ‘get on a roll’ and finished with time to spare. It is important to check their assigned work before you allow them to move on to another activity. Read over their work.… Read More »

What Children Want

The book, Home, School and Community Relations by Carol Gestwicki  lists the following needs of children (p.65) . Food for thought: they are presented in no particular order, but families might want to create a hierarchy of their importance. 1. Feel loved 2. Feel important 3. Constructive discipline 4. Routines and rituals (predictable patterns) 5. … Read More »