Monthly Archives: February 2013

'Finnigan Begin Again'

Like the song which echoes the phrase,  ‘Finnegan Begin Again’, education begins again every day. I’m constantly in learning mode!  As my website morphs into its new, broader existence, I want to reach out to more friends and supporters of education. That’s you. Every Tuesday, my education blog day, I’ll be turning back to update my earlier blogs… Read More »

Strategic Tips (Part 1: Introducing Lessons)

Eye on Education posted a great article online* about maximizing lesson plans. Here are their suggestions for introducing lessons. 1.  Create a novel approach to grab students attention. 2.  Keep the lesson relevant to your students’ lives. 3.  Use verbal AND written instructions to accommodate varied ways students take in information. 4.  Model your thinking… Read More »

Got a Minute?

Students in groups need ‘clues’ about the expectations while they are in groups. No one likes to surge ahead blindly. So, what do group leaders need to share? Outline your expectations and judge your time constraints. It’s a challenge to make everything fit. Check out this example for a 35 minute group beginning a new… Read More »