Monthly Archives: January 2013

Rx for Student Working Styles

It is important for students to know their own learning style needs. Even after you give students a learning style assessment, it is important for them to take responsibility for adjusting their habits so they can achieve greater success. I know my style and my tendencies. Can you find yours in this brief look? The… Read More »

Alone and Together

On Sunday I had the opportunity to do an informal presentation to a group of GED instructors. It was heartening to be able to give them a couple of new tools and to encourage them to use higher level thinking skills even more than they currently do. Since education is a village effort, I appreciated… Read More »

Classroom Volunteering

The more I work in classrooms, the more I see how much teachers appreciate my time. The truest test is the moment I see the teacher. Invariably I am met with a smile and “I’m so glad you are here.” Whether the classroom has 20 or 30 students, teachers always find tasks I can assist… Read More »