Monthly Archives: May 2012

Timing a Group

It’s easy for the time in a group to appear to evaporate. Just as you finally get to the lesson/activity, your time ends.  There are ways to prevent that. Mostly it’s planning and sticking to your time limits.  Let’s assume you have all your materials gathered, you know your lesson/activity, and that you know how… Read More »


Well-trained classroom assistants become a vital part of your classroom. They bring extra help, energy and enthusiasm as a well as extra hands interested in helping students. Remember T.E.A.C.H. as you work with them. T. Train assistants and Thank them daily. Take the time to observe their interactions with students and adults in the classroom.… Read More »

5 Things Parents Want to Know

Schools and families form an important partnership. What do parents/guardians want from schools? 1. Children are well cared for by the adults in the school. They are kept safe in and out of the building. Their educational needs are met whether through remedial assistance or fostering their gifted skills. They want the staff to demonstrate a strong love of… Read More »