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I’ve seen athletes on TV treated for concussions. I’ve heard about the dangers of them. But until recently, I’ve never been around someone who had a severe head trauma. It truly is the invisible illness many talk about. There are no outward signs like bleeding or broken bones to be cast. But over 3,800,000 athletes… Read More »

5 R's for Engaging Young Kids in Learning

At home, school, church, or a club or group, consider including these five ideas when working with young children. Read aloud to promote imagination and word skills. Rhyme (plus talk, sing, and play together) to develop language skills. Routines develop independence and help kids be part of the family, school classrooms and beyond. Recognition not… Read More »

Reading through Shared Books

I saved an article from last spring by Jamie Littlefield entitled, Promote Reading: Share Books. Here are a few of her suggestions that bear repeating. The bad news: 21,000,000 Americans can’t read… 45,000,000 Americans are marginally illiterate… Fewer than 1/2 of Americans read literature… In some libraries, the copyright date on non fiction books is… Read More »