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April Fun Dates

 April Fool’s Day  International Children’s Book Day also, Fun at Work Day  Find a Rainbow Day also, World Party Day  School Librarian Day also, Walk Around Things Day  National Day of Hope  Tartan Day, also Sorry Charlie Day  Caramel Popcorn Day, also World Health Day  Take Your Parents to the Playground Day also, Draw a… Read More »

5 Tips for a Great Tomorrow

Ideas you’ve heard a million times are still important. Everyone can use them starting right now. Get plenty of quality sleep. (Kids need more than adults. Plan on 9-11 hours dependng on their ages.) Focus on eating healthy snacks and nutritiuos meals, especially breakfast. Stay active to stay healthy. That 15-minute daily walk is better… Read More »

6 Ways to Build a Reading Family

Reading is a vital part of literacy development. Here are 6 ways to become a reading family. Have a designated reading area. It needs comfy places to sit, good lighting, freedom from electronics (unless you are using an e-reader) and bookshelves or crates of books close by. Those books may be owned favorites, borrowed from… Read More »