Monthly Archives: October 2012

Gearing up for Genre

The new Common Core States Standards (CCSS) uses a variety of genre in it efforts to engage students and help them read and think. As you introduce the word ‘genre’ and the various types of genre, consider creating a class chart of the characteristics of the various genre.In doing so, you will also be working… Read More »

The Power in Powerful Q.T.

Powerful Q.T, Questioning Techniques, lead students to more complex thinking skills. What? Higher Level Thinking Skills means moving your questioning beyond recall and comprehension questions related to the material they are studying. You think beyond who,what,why,where and how or asking them to summarize details, facts or ideas. You rev up their thinking and ask them… Read More »

Travel as Education

These past three weeks I’ve had the chance to visit a small corner of our country that I’d never visited before. Where I live in Washington state, our history is relatively new. Our artifacts are from the time of occasional early explorers, covered wagons, lumberjacks and trappers. Our oldest buildings are homesteads. The earlier history… Read More »