Monthly Archives: January 2012

Help for Slower Thinkers and Workers

We all have times when you need extra time to understand concepts or ‘get our heads around’ a task.  When that occurs for our students, we need a plan in place. A chart of suggestions students can refer to on their own becomes a self-directed learning experience. 1. Reread the directions. 2.  Ask yourself, “What… Read More »

Controlled Chaos

Classrooms can be chaotic places, full of lots of children doing lots of different things at the same time. That is not necessarily a bad thing. It  depends on how the teacher structures    the activities. One of my favorite remembrances of classroom chaos happened during a culminating FOSS (science)  kit activity for Balance and Motion.… Read More »

Anagrams: nuf fun?

Word play is fun and it stretches the brain to see words and letters in different ways. Anagrams are one kind of word play to excite learners. Try these words, with rearranged letters back-to-front, as new words: on becomes no and spot becomes tops or pots Try these with your students: dare      teas     stale      slap      pear     … Read More »