Monthly Archives: December 2011

5 Parts of a Lesson/Activity

When you are planning a lesson or activity, think about the organization of your ideas as well as your time. The nitty-gritty basics are: 1. Focus. Introduce the lesson/activity by creating a straight-forward 1-3 sentences. This overview lets the students “in on” your plan. It also forces you to clarify your goals, thus weeding out unnecessary… Read More »

A Lasting Family Gift

When we think of giving people gifts, we often forget the most basic kinds; the gift of time and self. As families with school children begin winter breaks and have more time together, it’s the perfect time to begin a lasting tradition that has a ‘payoff. It’s the gift of a family homework hour. The payoff is family… Read More »

School as a Job

As adults we work. Some of us work at home, others leave to work elsewhere. Our kids also have work. Their work is school. It is important that we give their ‘work’ proper respect and help them understand that they have a responsibility to do their best while they are at work. That means we… Read More »