Monthly Archives: December 2012

Winter Break

School breaks offer a great chance to engage in family activities. Whether those activities are home baking, sharing books or movies, or visiting local sites or relatives, they give families a chance to spend quality time together around the adults work schedules. In winter those breaks might include special activities such as playing in the… Read More »

It's Drafty in Here!

Details can sometimes foul up plans by the fact that we become so overwhelmed by what we are doing that we lose sight of our objective. Guilty. I decided to scan my blogs and found that  in my hurry to share ideas, I created drafts instead of posts for over half of my weekly Word… Read More »

Giving Thanks

With all the news of educations trials and tribulations, the ‘thank you’ part is often overlooked: Thank you to teachers who spend their free time  working for and thinking about school, students and what more can be done to make education more interesting and relevant. Thank you to classroom assistants and volunteers for their hours spent… Read More »