Monthly Archives: January 2014

7 Irreducible Needs of Children

Home, School and Community Relations by Carol Gestwicki quotes Dr’s T. Brazelton and S. Greenspan suggest that these seven needs are universal. 1.  Ongoing nurturing relationships 2.  Physical protection, safety and regulation 3.  Experiences to match their individual differences 4.  Developmentally appropriate experiences 5.  Set limits, structure and expectations 6.  Stable supportive community and cultural… Read More »

Active Listening: A Lifelong Skill

Active listening is not just for school days. It’s a life-long process that is slipping away with active conversation and it’s harder to maintain than you may think! Active listening means the listener is attentive to the speaker using good eye contact and a still body while listening. No looking away, no “ah-as” and no… Read More »

I'm Back!!!

My excuse reads: Working on a website with multiple books, 2 blogs, marketing my first YA novel (84 Ribbons) and writing my next 2 novels and a new teacher workbook. I haven’t forgotten my obligation to you, I just got side-tracked for a bit. We’re reorganizing my website to be more ‘follower friendly’  (I get… Read More »