Monthly Archives: October 2016

Family-School Shared Values

In this hectic world, it’s time to think about our shared concerns for children and youth. Here are a few of my ideas: We should strive to make children important in our daily lives. We need to keep communications open and as positive as possible. We need to engage children in thinking and learning beyond… Read More »

Dictionary Day

In honor of today’s Dictionary Day, I wanted to post this partial list of parents and/or teachers roles. Enjoy!   What Roles to Parents and Teachers Fulfill Across the Years?? A…audience, active listener, athletic coach, animal wrangler B…banker, backstop, bag-packer, ball catcher, bathtime observer, bargain hunter, battery fetcher, bedtime hugger, book reader, boot finder C…counselor,… Read More »

Vocabulary and Kids

I have a friend who’s seven year-old son has the most incredible vocabulary. In his case, he loves words. But, all kids need to be encouraged to own a great vocabulary through our use of strong and/or specific words, regardless of their age. Since words reflect concepts and content, it’s important to the rounded development… Read More »