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Kid Writing Critiques

  Indie Writing Workshops invite students to write fiction, non fiction, poetry and whatever else they think of to express themselves.  Here are a few questions they might answer when they read another student’s work. Does the story have a beginning, a middle and an ending? Did the author use strong, action verbs? Did the… Read More »

Teacher and Parent Resource Closed

Teachers Notebook has closed it’s site, effective September 14th of this year. All of my materials seen on that site are still available on my Pinterest pages ( and on Teachers Pay Teachers (, as well as under the Educating America portion of my website

Silly Rhymes for Your Day

Recently I ran across a list of silly rhymes worth sharing. They are the beginning of a never-ending list kids could add onto and create their own silly rhymes of ways to say good-bye. Enjoy a smile, crocodile! See you later…Alligator Adieu…Cockatoo After while…Crocodile Better swish…Jellyfish Got to dash… Succotash Chop, chop…Lollipop In an hour…Sunflower… Read More »