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Engage your ‘Can Do’

Find joy every day. Your attitude and positive ways of engaging students will brighten the hours you spend with your class. Fill your classroom with positive energy. The site Big Life Journal provides growth mindset ideas and free resources, as well as purchasable materials. Subscribe for free! Display student work that shows each student’s best… Read More »

Using Volunteers

Now’s the Time! Volunteer in A School       Volunteering is easy as making phone call to a local school. You’ll find your local schools listed in the front of your lovcal phone directory. What can you volunteer to do? Gather supplies for a busy teacher. Help in the school library. Help by reading with students… Read More »

SALE: Educating America materials

Checkout these back-to-school materials to enhance your school year. SAVE 20% and receive FREE shipping and a thank you gift on each item you purchase between now and September 30th. *Free shipping and *Free 30-pack of note cards that say ‘A Note from the Teacher’ are limited to shipping to U.S. addresses. (Classroom assistants and parents… Read More »

Student Ages and Stages

Student skills develop over several years. Here is a common set of skills for each K-12 year. Kids vary in their personal abilities, but these are standard skills and standard grades where students gain specific thinking skills.     Specific Skill                                        K-3         3-6          6-9          9-12 Observation                                          X             X             X             X Communication                                   X          … Read More »

Student Self-Checking Work Chart

Here’s one brief way a student can assess their personal organization and productivity for school or homework. Before I begin my work: What are my tasks for today? What questions do I still have about my task before I start? Where can I find answers? What help do I need from adults? (supplies?  resources? thinking… Read More »

Resources Reminder

Looking for ideas for students, classroom assistants, or volunteers? Remember to (1) Checkout my FREE downloads  ( (2) Examine sample pages of my book, flipbook, and workbook. You may purchase them from my website or through bookstores and online. (3) Found a great resource I might share with my followers? Have ideas you’d like to… Read More »