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What is Scaffolding? How Can I Use It?

Definition: Scaffolding- breaking up learning into chunks Teachers as well a classroom assistants and parents use scaffolding whenever they break apart skills. Those pieces, or chunks, allow students to learn parts and then put the pieces together to understand the whole. Here are a few ideas on how to break  learning into manageable pieces. Model/Demonstrate/Show… Read More »

Student Self-Checking Work Chart

Here’s one brief way a student can assess their personal organization and productivity for school or homework. Before I begin my work: What are my tasks for today? What questions do I still have about my task before I start? Where can I find answers? What help do I need from adults? (supplies?  resources? thinking… Read More »

Newsletters You Can Use

Just a reminder: You can read or download my Educating America newsletters and the accompanying downloads for free from this very site. Look to the top of this blog. Scan across and click on: Return to Educating America. Whether you are an educator, a para educator, a parent, or a community volunteer, you will find… Read More »

Summer Reading List

For most teachers and educational assistants it’s time for a summer break; a time to kick back and relax after a busy year. Now’s the time to checkout summer reading related to schools and education. Here are a couple of interesting ones I’ve found. How to Teach Thinking Skills Within the Common Core: 7 Key… Read More »

6 Important Life-long Student Skills

As summer approaches, students need to work on skills to propel them through life toward success. Consider how you might help them work through these 6 R’s every day, all year, for as many years as possible. They’ll provide a fantastic payoff!! Resiliency Help students cope with stress and to develop empathy. Suggestions: work on… Read More »