Monthly Archives: September 2017

What is Scaffolding? How Can I Use It?

Definition: Scaffolding- breaking up learning into chunks Teachers as well a classroom assistants and parents use scaffolding whenever they break apart skills. Those pieces, or chunks, allow students to learn parts and then put the pieces together to understand the whole. Here are a few ideas on how to break  learning into manageable pieces. Model/Demonstrate/Show… Read More »

Using Volunteers

Now’s the Time! Volunteer in A School       Volunteering is easy as making phone call to a local school. You’ll find your local schools listed in the front of your lovcal phone directory. What can you volunteer to do? Gather supplies for a busy teacher. Help in the school library. Help by reading with students… Read More »

Welcome Back to Thinking About Schools & Education

This school year I plan to continue my ideas for classrooms but will also share single themes across a month of blogs: working with vocabulary, volunteer ideas, etc. That will allow me to KISS (Keep it (my blogs) Short’n Sweet). As always feel free to send me your concerns, questions, ideas, and great educational finds… Read More »