Monthly Archives: December 2016

4 R's for Home and Family

It’s almost break time for families whose children and young adults will be spending extra days at home. That marks changes in our daily routines: more meals to prepare, more laundry, and more people with more projects strewn around. More importantly it marks more opportunities to spend quality family time together. So, here are a… Read More »

Resources Reminder

Looking for ideas for students, classroom assistants, or volunteers? Remember to (1) Checkout my FREE downloads  ( (2) Examine sample pages of my book, flipbook, and workbook. You may purchase them from my website or through bookstores and online. (3) Found a great resource I might share with my followers? Have ideas you’d like to… Read More »

Wintry World of Ceblebrations

Bodhi Day, Advent, St. Nicholas Day, Las Posadas, Pancha Ganapati, Hanukka, Christmas, Kwanza, Hogmanay, Chalica, Chinese New Year, Sadem, New Years, Malanka, and many more. Many cultures and religions have special days that include ways to brighten Northern Hemisphere’s dark day of winter or to welcome in their approaching new year. Whichever end-of-the-year or beginning-of-the-next-year… Read More »