Monthly Archives: February 2017

Parent Guide to Student Success ( by the end of Grade 3)

Lots happens between kindergarten and third grade: students learn to read and write, develop basic math skills and become independent learners. So, what do these look like?? Here are a few details to look at when deciding if a child is ‘at grade level’. Of course, we all learn at different pacesm, but these are… Read More »

Bloom’s Taxonomy in a Nutshell

Bloom’s Taxonomy has ordered 6 levels of critical thinking; they build on each other from basic remembering to creating ideas based on learnings. Here are nutshell versions of the skills they introduce and attempt to develop through repeated use. (For more details google Blooom’s Taxonomy and you’ll find more information that you might use in… Read More »

Student Self-Checking Work Chart

Here’s one brief way a student can assess their personal organization and productivity for school or homework. Before I begin my work: What are my tasks for today? What questions do I still have about my task before I start? Where can I find answers? What help do I need from adults? (supplies?  resources? thinking… Read More »