Monthly Archives: October 2011

Guidelines for Starting a Group

Organize for success: plan ahead. The first minutes of your group time determine the success of your task. That’s when you ‘set the stage’  through your demeanor and expectations. 1. Focus on your current task. Leave your life outside the classroom at the door so you can give 100% of your focus to the students you will… Read More »

Reporting Back to the Teacher

When you work with students, part of your responsibility is to report back to the teacher. But what should be included? Give the teacher as much information as possible to help determine if the task needs more time or new materials before moving on to another task or activity. If the teacher provides a form, fill… Read More »

Vocabulary Quickies

Working on vocabulary skills we need to be relevant and create interesting activities. Consider using the following ideas with older students. 1.  Reader’s Digest Word Power –  It gives you the word, choices of meaning and then the correct meaning on the next page. 2.  Text books – Create multiple possible meanings (like Reader’s Digest)… Read More »