Monthly Archives: April 2017

Extra Post: Thank You to Volunteers

This is Volunteer Week across America. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank every volunteer for their time and commitment to helping others. Each task you do whether it’s a school crossing guard, Meals on Wheels driver, working in food banks, reading to shut-ins, driving a bus for the elderly or for delivering homeless… Read More »

5 Hints to Get Students Started on Their Work

Use these 5 techniques to help students get started on classroom work, small group work AND at home during homework hour: Active Listening Work with students at their eye level. Establish eye contact. Ask follow-up questions to indicate you know what was said. Develop a habit of valuing all questions asked.  Questioning Strategies Ask “What”… Read More »

Student Conference Savvy

If you are planning an end of the year conference with one or more teachers, start planning now. Gather together student work that demonstrates the questions you want to ask the teacher. Bring notes and report cards you wish to discuss. Discuss your planned conference with the teacher WITH your child to allow his/her to… Read More »

Student Ages and Stages

Student skills develop over several years. Here is a common set of skills for each K-12 year. Kids vary in their personal abilities, but these are standard skills and standard grades where students gain specific thinking skills.     Specific Skill                                        K-3         3-6          6-9          9-12 Observation                                          X             X             X             X Communication                                   X          … Read More »