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Vocabulary Development Ideas

Growing a vocabulary requires spending time with new words. Focus on important words; those with often-use potential or subject-related value. Try these ideas to help students ‘own’ the selected new words. First create a special journal or **worksheet to allow space for the some or all of the following components: Introduce the word and the… Read More »

Vocabulary Development #5- Getting Organized

This month we’ll look at the importance of vocabulary. 1. Creating a graphic organizer is another way to meet students needs: Here is one example.   2. Copy the words in their story/book context and substitute words that relate to the students’ experiences/vocabulary. Look up and discuss how the substituted word(s) change the textual meaning… Read More »

Vocabulary and Kids

I have a friend who’s seven year-old son has the most incredible vocabulary. In his case, he loves words. But, all kids need to be encouraged to own a great vocabulary through our use of strong and/or specific words, regardless of their age. Since words reflect concepts and content, it’s important to the rounded development… Read More »