February Days to Celebrate

By | January 31, 2016

Looking for a reason to celebrate something? Here’s a list to start your thinking and planning.

Have fun! Brighten someone’s life. Go a little crazy.

1  Freedom Day
2  Ground Hog Day
3  15th amendment – Racial Equality Day
4  Rosa Parks Birthday
5  Western Monarch Day
6  Take Your Child to the Library/Girl Scout Cookie Day
7  Super Bowl 50
8  Chinese New Year
9  National Stop Bullying Day/National Pizza Day
10 Umbrella Day
11  Make-A-Friend Day/White Shirt Day
12  Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday
13  Get a Different Name Day
14  Valentine’s Day/Hippo Day
15  President’s Day
16  Innovation Day
17  My Way Day
18  Battery Day
19  Chocolate Mint Day/Iwo Jima Day
20  Love-Your-Pet Day/World Day for Social Justice
21  International Mother Language Day/Daytona 500
22  George Washington’s Birthday/World Thinking Day
23  Banana Bread Day
24  Inconvenience Yourself Day
25  Introduce-A-Girl-To-Engineering Day/National Chili Day
26  Tell-A-Fairy-Tale Day/Bacon Day
27  Polar Bear Day/National Day of Action
28  Tooth Fairy Day
29  Leap Year

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