Value of Volunteering

By | May 1, 2016

It’s spring but it’s not too late to offer your services in classrooms!

Yes, I know, you may want to weed your garden, or go for a walk, or spend an hour with a friend over a lemonade, BUT… consider also spending an hour or two helping in a classroom or in a school office.

You could offer to be behind the scenes: collating paper, running errands, or gathering materials. You could work from home: cutting out shapes for primary teachers, doing research, correcting/editing creative writing, or locating potential field trips. OR… you can step into a classroom: share your hobby or your occupation, lead a class in discussing world events, read with or listen to kids read (books, creative writing, project plans).

Seeing kids and teachers in action will brighten your day and their as well. You will learn what is happening in schools, what’s being taught and how the school years have changed. I see changes every time I help in classrooms. I love to hear new vocabulary in use, see student interactions and I enjoy the chance to talk with students.

So much good is happening!

Take an hour a week or once a month and check it out for yourself!

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