6 Important Life-long Student Skills

By | June 19, 2016

As summer approaches, students need to work on skills to propel them through life toward success. Consider how you might help them work through these 6 R’s every day, all year, for as many years as possible. They’ll provide a fantastic payoff!!


Help students cope with stress and to develop empathy.

Suggestions: work on goal setting, problem solving and resolving conflicts


Direct students to make age-appropriate decisions and solve problems on their own. Help them discover new ideas and ways to see situations.

Suggestions: work on daily problem-solving activities in real life or using problem-solving activities found in books for their age level.


Guide students to be accountable, resourceful, persistent and to make decisions.

  Suggestions: Give them jobs/tasks and help them find subjects/ideas to explore on their own through reading and asking questions.


Develop their ability to talk and work with people in their daily lives.

Suggestion: Guide them to interact appropriately with people of all ages they encounter in their neighborhood, in shops and on trips.


Help students to listen and use mutual respect and take turns speaking in conversations.

Suggestions: Guide them to ask questions to learn more about others.


Read, read, read, read, and read TO kids of all ages.

Suggestions: Give them time to read often, broadly across a wide variety of topics, and discuss what they learn from what they read.

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