Study Habit Reminders

By | March 10, 2019

Spring! Sunshine, Sports, Homework, Projects, Testing

Help you kids organize their springtime. Here’s a list of study habits for ending the year with an up-tick:

  1. Use a weekly and monthly planner to organize school homework and projects as well as family and extra curricular and other activities. It’s not a good time of year to ‘wing-it’ since so many important projects and tests are on the horizon.
  2. Set expectations as well as their timelines. Discuss their goals and intentions on school work as well as other activities. It’s easy to just float along; instead talk about specific goals for school-related projects that includes the level of grade/score in their sites. A “b” grade may be fine, but why not aim for an “a”? It means more work, but also more understanding about the subject.
  3. Keep the study area stocked with necessary tools as well as proper lighting and a desk or table area away from the family traffic zones.
  4. Provide healthy snacks, a positive atmosphere and adult support during study time. Remember, now’s a great time for the entire family to work on quiet projects (away from electronics)
  5. Suggest kids start with the most important homework or project first.
  6. Offer to look over completed work. A second set of eyes is always a great idea. Set a good example by offering to have your kids look over your projects as well.


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