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Back-to-School Parent Tips

It’s always a good idea to pick-up a Parent Map brochure when you are in a large bookshop or a place where items for back-to-school are sold. It’s free and has great articles amid it’s collection of ads for various school and functions around western Washington state. (I can’t tell if it’s produced in any… Read More »

Stress Busters and Brain Breaks Part 2

Anxiety and stress can shut down thinking for young kids, teens and adults. Positive thinking and a few simple tricks help restore emotional, physiological and metacognition (brain) balance. Here are a few ideas to try. Build-up positives. ONE EXAMPLE: Observe the weather. Think of a time when something fun, funny or positive happened during similar… Read More »

Wacky and Interesting September Dates to Checkout

September, 2017 Days to Remember 1   Cherry Popover 2   Bacon 3   Skyscraper 4   Labor Day, Newspaper Carrier 5   Cheese Pizza, Be Late for Something 6   Read a Book 7   Salami 8   Literacy, Pardon 9   Teddy Bear 10 Grandparents, Sewing Machine, Swap Ideas 11 911-Remembrance, Make Your Bed 12 Chocolate Milkshake, Video Games 13 Fortune Cookie,… Read More »

SALE: Educating America materials

Checkout these back-to-school materials to enhance your school year. SAVE 20% and receive FREE shipping and a thank you gift on each item you purchase between now and September 30th. *Free shipping and *Free 30-pack of note cards that say ‘A Note from the Teacher’ are limited to shipping to U.S. addresses. (Classroom assistants and parents… Read More »