Back to School, Back to Goal Planning

By | August 28, 2023

As back-to-school approaches use the time to sit down and discuss personal goals within the family unit. Everyone in the family can participate and with 2-5 individual goals set for the coming school year, the family may find time for extra, shared activities.

Keep it simple, but meaning-filled:

  • Dad might plan to cook dinner at least twice a month, spend 30 minutes a day with kids (reading or playing outside), or some other family goal.
  • Mom might take time to play games with the kids after homework each night, plan a surprise dinner for celebrating monthly family accomplishments, or attend a during-the-day school function.
  • Kids might promise to do their best in school, read for 20 minutes every day, do chores without being asked, etc.
  • Grand parents might participate by attending daytime school functions while parents are at work and unable to attend. (Remember to take pictures!)
  • For babies, the family might plan time to play together to encourage the baby’s physical skill or social/emotional development.

Does it sound like shared family time? I hope so. Times with the entire family goes a long way to develop well-rounded individuals of all ages.