Back to School Routines and Procedures for Teachers

By | August 11, 2019


Supplies…check    Classroom organized and ready for students….check   Classroom Routines and Procedures?  Here’s a reminder list to have worked out before the first day of school. Try to post important details in the classroom as reminders to students.

  • Storage of backpacks, coat, lunches
  • Entering the classroom
  • Homework (and notes, etc. from home) collection box
  • Attendance and lunch procedure
  • Morning ‘sponge activity’ as class settles in
  • Teacher signals
  • Bathroom  usage time and procedure (may include checkout-check back in)
  • School and classroom rules
  • Expected behavior during directions, work time and transitions
  • Movement around classroom
  • Noise levels for various activities in the classroom
  • Supplies and use of pencil sharpener
  • Paper labeling ( names, activity, etc.)
  • Handing in and out papers, books and other materials
  • Quality of work
  • Physical transitions in classroom, making lines, etc.
  • Tasks for early finishers
  • Guidelines for working with partners and small groups
  • Working independently
  • Classroom jobs/responsibilities
  • Moving through hallways, to recess or next class, assemblies
  • Use of classroom materials, including computers
  • Eating in the classroom
  • Emergency drills: fire, earthquake, lock down
  • Absence or tardy policies
  • Homework assignments (published in classroom/online)
  • Dismissal

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