Improving Teacher-Student Communication

By | August 25, 2019

Here are a few reminders when talking with a class of students.

  • Use students names when calling on them. Mention the name first if you feel the student called on isn’t paying attention.
  • Use positive language as well as polite manners (Please and thank you go a long way to creating good rapport.).
  • Keep directions as simple as possible. You can add details for later parts of a task later on, closer to the time the students need them. Remember, most children can remember 1-2 directions and adults top out at 3-4 so, K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Sweetie!)
  • Model your expectations and details in directions. Many students are visual learners.
  • Allow students to ask questions before work begins on tasks and then 5-minutes into the task. Often they find questions once they begin their tasks. It may help check their understanding and keep them on target.
  • Ask open-ended questions.
  • Use wait time when taking answers to question you ask. it gives students time to think of their BEST answer rather than responding with their first one.
  • Be available for private 1:1 conversations during work time. Ask students to tell you what they understand about the task before you jump in to assist them.
  • Keep your talking to the entire class to a minimum while they work. Many need quiet work time.
  • Announce the end of the work time 5 minutes before the true end. It gives them time to finish up, check their work, etc.